Slumber Party FUN! {Games and Food}

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The ultimate idea list for our best Slumber party yet! The games and food to make any slumber party amazing!

Slumber Party Activities - watch a movie

We held the 6th Annual Roskelley Girls Sleepover two weekends ago. Summer schedules are super crazy so we actually did it the weekend everyone was back in school because that meant that all of the family vacations were over and everyone was in town. We were able to get 21 there including my mom, sisters, a sister-in-law and lots of nieces!

We had such a blast. This is always one of my favorite days of the entire year. It is a super simple party to put together because I keep it simple.

  • I don’t do any decorating,
  • I don’t pass out invitations,
  • I don’t make cute favors or spend hours making each girl a custom sleep mask (although, that is a cute idea)

How I schedule the slumber party

I send out an email to all of my sisters and married nieces at the beginning of the summer to throw out a couple of possible dates.

Then we narrow it down until we’ve landed on one that most people can come to. We have some that live out of state, and several that are now in high school and have jobs so working around all of the schedules is impossible.

What everyone brings to the slumber party

For the party, I provide the pizza, drinks, chips and a few treats.

Each girl/family brings a fun treat to share and we end up eating junk all night long – sounds like a sleepover, right? 🙂

Each girl comes in their pajamas and brings a pillow and sleeping bag. That way there aren’t 8 random socks, a pair of pants and two jackets left behind when they leave.

This year I had one sister bring all of her nail polish and another provide the movie just to help spread the activity love.

The Slumber Party Rules

When you have a variety of young kids, you’ve got to set some ground rules. These are ours:

  • No crying,
  • no having an accident in your pants,
  • and no parents (for those who are parents, you aren’t allowed to act like one at this party).
  • The girls can be as silly, crazy and giggly as they want.
  • They can eat two bites of their pizza and walk away and eat skittles the rest of the night because no one is allowed to tell them they can’t have anymore candy.

Now, let’s get to the F-U-N we had! The slumber party games and activities

As is tradition, after we ate we

  • braided hair,
  • painted nails and
  • did make-up.
  • Each person draws a name out of the bag and that is who gets to do their make-up. The little girls LOVE when they get to do an older girls make-up – L.O.V.E!!
Slumber Party Acivities - hair braiding
Slumber Party Activities - make-overs
Slumber Party Activities - Make-up
Slumber Party Activities - Nail Polish

Slumber Party Games!

Minute to Win it Games

We then split into teams and played 10 rounds of Minute to Win it games. What a blast!

Minute To Win It Activities - Cup Stacking
  1. Round 1: Cup Stacking into a 10 cup pyramid, taking it down and repeating.
Minute To Win It - transfering cotton balls with vaseline on your nose
  1. Round 2: Transferring 25 cotton balls from one bowl to another using your nose (that has Vaseline on it)
Minute to Win It - transfer marshmallows with a straw
  1. Round 3: Transferring 25 mini marshmallows from one bowl to another using a straw
Minute To Win It - transfer cut bags from floor to table
  1. Round 4: Using your teeth to pick up 5 paper lunch sacks cut to various heights and place them on the table
Minute to win it - Hula Hoop contest
  1. Round 5: Hula Hoop for 60 seconds using your waist, neck or arm
Minute To Win It - Dominoes
  1. Round 6: Create the letter S using 15 dominoes and get them to all fall when the first one is tipped
Minute To Win It - Bounce ball onto Peanut Butter bread
  1. Round 7: Bounce a ping pong ball onto a peanut butter slice of bread with one bounce
Minute To Win It - Blow stack of cards off glass with last card remaining
  1. Round 8: Blow an entire deck of cards off of a glass leaving only the last card on the glass rim
Minute To Win It - Blow cup with straw
  1. Round 9: Using a straw, blow a plastic cup across the entire table
Minute To Win It -  Tube Pasta
  1. Round 10: Place a piece of spaghetti in your mouth and thread 3 tube pasta on it from the table

*We also did the one where you put 4 ping pong balls in an empty tissue box, belt it around your waist and wiggle to get them all out – but I didn’t get a photo of it.

Slumber party activity: Dance Choreography!

Then it was on to the DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY. We split the girls into two groups and they had to draw 6 dance moves out of a bag – then use those to choreograph a dance. They had 25 minutes to put their act together and then they performed for us.

This is always my favorite part! they are hilarious! Here is the list of dance moves I use: Dance Moves

(Sorry for the dark photos, it was about 9:00 pm by the time we got to the performance)

Slumber Party Activities - dancing
Slumber Party Activities - Dance Choreography

Slumber Party Game: Truth or Dare

Then the girls piled onto my trampoline for some GLOW IN THE DARK TRUTH OR DARE! It can be a little tricky to find glow sticks unless it is Summer so if you’re planning a party – get these on Amazon for only about $.08 per glow stick.

To help out, I brainstormed a bunch of dares and had them cut up in a bag they could use if they got stumped. Here is the list of dares for you to print:

 Truth or Dare Printable!

Slumber Party Activities - Glow In The Dark Truth or Dare

Slumber party movie time!

Then we made our beds and settled in for A MOVIE – Wreck It Ralph and once that was over we headed off to sleep.

Slumber Party Activities - watch a movie


For BREAKFAST I made waffles with Nutella, sliced Strawberries and Whipped Cream. They were delicious!

Slumber Party Breakfast - Waffles, Nutella, Strawberries & whipped cream


Then, what is a sleepover without a PILLOW FIGHT and a little steam roller to get the last few girls out of bed?

Slumber Party Activities - Pillow Fight

Activity: Mad Libs

Our last activity was to play MAD LIBS. Each person is given a small slip of paper and they write a question on it and fold it in half. Then they pass it to the right and write the answer of the question they wrote on the new piece of folded paper. Then all of them are tossed into the center and we take turns reading the crazy combos.

Slumber Party Activities - Mad Libs

It was such a fun time to spend with the incredible women in my family. My sisters impress me so much with their examples of motherhood and womanhood and my love for my sweet nieces knows no bounds. I think they all had fun, since they were all begging that we start doing it TWICE a year! I told them I would think about it after I cleaned my house and had a nap. 🙂

For last year’s slumber party activities, check out this post next!

Fun food and game ideas for a sleepover


  1. I stole most of your ideas for my daughter’s sleep over on her 9th birthday. it was huge success! everybody had such a blast and my little one was the happiest little birthday girl ever! the minute-game was so much fun, but the dance choreography was hilarious! thank you so much for sharing your ideas! loved every single thing about it! ♥♥♥

    1. That is such great news! I’m so glad you liked them, stole them and used them! And, best of all that they were as much fun for you as they were for us!

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