New Cinderella Birthday Party Ideas

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Cinderella Birthday Party Ideas - Events To Celebrate

2015 was a great movie year in my opinion! We especially loved the new Cinderella movie. My daughters birthday isn’t for 6 months, but we’re already brainstorming on different themes. The new Cinderella movie is one that she really loves, and while it is similar to her Disney Princess party from last year, I have come up with a few ideas I wanted to share in case you are planning a Cinderella birthday party. 

So, while I don’t have a bunch of finished party photo’s to share with you, I can detail the ideas I have and hopefully they will set out a good plan for your Cinderella themed party.

New Cinderella Birthday Party Decor

  • The castle backdrop I used at my daughters Disney Princess themed birthday party last year would be so perfect for this. It was like $7 on Amazon and I was able to fold it up and save it so I could totally use it again. 
  • Lots of blue tulle would be in order with cute butterflies – like the ones I used for my daughters Butterfly themed birthday party – in fact any of those decorations would fit since the butterflies were such a unique feature of this movie from the original Cinderella. 

New Cinderella Birthday Party Food

    • Pumpkin pie – to play off the pumpkin that turns into the carriage
    • Magic wand pretzel rods that you can let the girls dip in chocolate and sprinkles themselves or premake for the party
    • Wishing Well fondu – in the movie there is a wishing type well at the front of the house and it would be cute to do either chocolate or cheese fondu with little bites for dipping
    • Clock Cookies – sugar cookies (this is my favorite recipe) decorated to look like a clock at midnight. 
    • Any treats served in a (plastic) glass slipper like these from Amazon (click on the photo to purchase)
  • Treats served in these super darling Carriage treat boxes (click on the photo to purchase – they’re only $3 for 12!! That’s a bargain!) You could also save these as favor boxes!

New Cinderella Birthday Party Games

  • Pin the shoe on Cinderella or pin the butterfly on the Glass Slipper
  • Be the fairy godmother and get them ready for the ball with stations where they get their nails painted, make-up applied and their hair pulled into a quick half-up ponytail with lots of glitter or sticker backed jewels added just like Cinderella wore in the movie. Then you can make each girl a blue tulle skirt to wear (like this one I made for my daughter).
  • Teach them an old fashion line dance. They wont have a partner, but they could just stand in two lines and do a curtsy, do-si-do, etc. to the music. My daughter would really love this one! Need some pointers? Check out this website for dance steps and instruction tips. 
  • Make a wood plaque that says “Have Courage and Be Kind”. Let each girl paint a pre-cut wood plaque and once dry, add the quote in vinyl lettering. I know there are several vinyl places that will do custom orders and it is really inexpensive. You can search Etsy for some. If you have a cricut or silhouette machine, you can cut the lettering out yourself!
  • Send them on a scavenger hunt for Cinderella’s lost slipper! The prize at the end could be plastic Glass Slippers filled with treats. 
  • Have a “get ready for the ball” relay race. Split the guests into two teams and have them start at one end of the room/yard. At the word GO, one person from each team will race to a box containing dress-up clothes. They will have to put them on, grab a broom and dance back to the start line and all the way back to the dress-up box with their prince (the broom) before removing the clothes and running back to the start line to send off the next person from their team. The team that has all players finish first wins!
  • Make these stinking cute 3D paper glass slippers. You just print, cut, color and glue/tape them together!

There you have it. Those are the ideas I’ve come up with so far for a birthday party based on the new Cinderella movie. I hope they are helpful to you! If you host a party around this theme, I’d love to hear about it!!

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