Popsicle Stick Alphabet Letters (With Printable!)

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Use these printable alphabet letters to make a popsicle stick alphabet! Easy craft for education.

Whether you are an elementary school teacher or a devoted parent, these popsicle stick alphabet letters are a fun and interactive way to teach your kids the ABC’s. Not only are they simple to make, but the applications for this learning tool are endless!

Come along with me as I give you a access to this free printable, a simple tutorial, and inspiration for how to use these popsicle stick alphabet letters!

ABC popsicle stick craft for preschool and elementary

Alphabet Letters Free Printable

Click here to access the PDF for these alphabet letter blocks. The free ABC’s printable includes all 26 letters of the English alphabet, each with an uppercase and lowercase block.

Alphabet letters printable for popsicle stick craft - ABC

Above in an example of what each of the pages in the printable look like. The only difference is what letters are features on each page.

Uses for This Alphabet Letters Printable

Craft for Kids – Looking for an educational activity for kids?! This alphabet letter craft is simple enough for any elementary age child to assemble. For extra fun, they could even color each alphabet letter!

ABC’s Letter Recognition – These popsicle stick alphabet letters can be used to practice letter recognition with children. They can name the letter, the sound it makes, or a word that starts with that letter.

Spelling Practice – Kids who are learning to read and write can benefit from this spelling exercise. Simply give the child a word to spell and have them use the correct letters to form the word. Just be careful not to choose words with repeat letters. A few examples include cat, cow, rice, him, her, and sky.

Alphabet Visual – Instead of using the popsicle sticks, you could always print off the alphabet letter sheets and then just hang them up. This way, children who are trying to memorize the letters or even practice writing can have a visual cue.

How to Make Popsicle Stick Alphabet Letters

Step 1: Gather your materials – Thankfully, this alphabet letter craft requires very minimal crafting supplies. All you will need for this project is the printable above (preferably on card stock paper), scissors, popsicle sticks, and glue! Note: If you don’t have card stock, you can print on regular paper and add an additional later of regular white paper in between the two letters.

Step 2: Cut out the alphabet blocks – Each sheet contains the uppercase and lowercase version of 3 letters. Depending on your needs, you could print out a single sheet to focus on a particular letter or print them all to create the entire English alphabet. Regardless, take the sheets to print and cut out all the letter blocks, making sure to keep them organized!

Step 3: Carefully glue the letters to the popsicle sticks – Start by lining up all the letters with their upper and lowercase block. This will ensure that they face the correct way and are on the same popsicle stick. When you are ready, use your glue (I reccommend the glue stick!) to adhere your paper to one side of an alphabet block, about an inch and a half from the bottom. Then match up the corresponding letter block on the other side of the popsicle stick.

Step 4: Allow to dry and enjoy! – Thankfully, this alphabet craft doesn’t take much time to dry. After adding your glue, wait about five minutes before using your popsicle stick alphabet letters! Then, you can enjoy them to your hearts content.

ABC popsicle stick craft for preschool and elementary - materials for alphabet letter sticks

In case you missed it before, here is the link for the popsicle stick craft alphabet letters printable!

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Alphabet Letter Popsicle Stick Craft Pin

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